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From Tony Rozga <t...@neovalent.com>
Subject Bridging DataStore and Web
Date Wed, 17 Dec 2008 23:14:42 GMT
I'm wondering if anyone has thought about a direct bridge between a web server and a FileDataStore?
 It seems like the only things missing to implement such a thing are file extensions in the
data store and a way to compute a filesystem path for an item in the FileDataStore.

It could be modeled as a cache interface:

interface BlobFileSystemCache {
     *  Returns path to a file in filesystem containing blob.
    String getPathToBlob(Node nodeWithJcrDataProperty);
    // other ways to get path?

class FileDataStoreFileSystemCache implements BlobFileSystemCache would be really easy to
implement as the files already exist in the filesystem.  Other implementations could be made
over database-backed DataStores.  These would actually perform true caching functionality
and could implement various policies pertaining to caching (lifetime, etc).

Tony Rozga

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