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From Alexander Wallace ...@rwmotloc.com>
Subject Database DataStore vs File DataStore: Performance.
Date Thu, 11 Dec 2008 23:46:50 GMT
Is there dissadvantages of Database DataStore VS File Datastore?

I've read the WIKI and it seems that the DB PM is very fast when used 
with DataStore, just as the File PM, but I don't see any indication as 
far as which DataStore is better performant...

Do the same rules apply to the DataStore as to the PM as far as that 
goes? Meaning, it depends on your DB server, or File Server, etc?

My goal is to move everything, PM and DataStore to the database. We plan 
to have a large number of users, but I don't anticipate documents larger 
than say 100 megs but there could be, although most will be under 10 

I also want to know how to move the existing content from our currently 
file based repository  to  a full db repo, but that was my previous post...

Thanks to all again!

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