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From Tony Rozga <t...@neovalent.com>
Subject Re: Tomcat 6 + Jackrabbit + transactions
Date Mon, 08 Dec 2008 21:04:43 GMT
slandelle@excilys.com wrote:
> You're confusing JTA and JCA (even if these 2 are often linked I agree).
> Let's take the problem from start : you want transactions! :)
yes, transactions! :)
> Do you need 2PC? How do you intend to work with your transactions? Spring?
Our need for transactions is based on the fact that we are using 
multiple Jackrabbit workspaces and need transactional semantics for 
changes that span multiple workspaces.

I think I could code this project 5 times before I learned enough about 
Spring to use it :)  I was hoping to find a lighter-weight transaction 
manager that could coordinate changes to multiple workspaces.  All of my 
reading has given me the impression that there is some combination of 
things out there that can accomplish this in Tomcat6.  
org.apache.jackrabbit.core.XASessionImpl implements XAResource which can 
be manipulated individually (like 
org.apache.jackrabbit.core.UserTransactionImpl does) or in concert like 
a javax.transaction.Transaction does by enlisting multiple XAResources 
in a single transaction.  It is my understanding that something like 
Atomikos is an implementation of the JTA and could be used as that 
manager but it is unclear how to coordinate that piece and Jackrabbit.


> Stéphane Landelle
> Le Lun 8 décembre 2008 19:03, Tony Rozga a écrit :
>> Hi,  Jackrabbit newb here:
>> I've found plenty of examples/mail threads that talk about deploying
>> Jackrabbit as a JCA resource and how that means Jackrabbit is
>> automatically aware of the JCA transactional context.  We need to support
>> Tomcat 6 though and that config still confuses me as Tomcat is
>> not a JCA container.
>> I've found several transaction manager implementations (Bitronix,
>> Atomikos) that can be used in Tomcat.  If I setup on of these and start
>> a UserTransaction in my code and then do some Jackrabbit ops, will
>> Jackrabbit be aware of that transaction context?  Given that a
>> Jackrabbit Session is the underlying XAResource, what about a single
>> transaction that spans multiple Sessions?
>> Thanks,
>> Tony Rozga

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