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From pkrishna <prabhakar.krishnasw...@ge.com>
Subject Technical Issue related to Versioning
Date Fri, 12 Dec 2008 21:57:18 GMT

I have browsed through versioning issues in the forum and not able to get the
answer I want. Here is the structure of the nodes we have:

level 1 -- Nodes in this level are not versionable (can have more than one
node at this level) -- custom node type
level 2 -- Nodes at this level are versionable (child of level 1, many nodes
allowed ) -- custom node type
level 3 -- jcr:content Node (child of level 2)

I am trying to find a specific version of level 2 and not being able to find
a way to do it.

Initially I used the following XPATH query based on discussions in the

 String query = "//element(*,nt:frozenNode)[@ecr:version=" + "'" + version +
                    + " and jcr:frozenUuid <" + "'" + variant.getUUID() +
when this query is executed, I do get all the versionable nodes but it does
not tell me if that is node I am after.


Let A and B be  level one nodes
Let C and D be level two nodes

I have versions of both C and D. If I run the above query, I may get the
previous versions of both C and D since both may match the criteria of
having a frozenUuid < than the node UUID and have the same version. I tried
to match on the name of the parent of the frozen Nodes returned but they
don't match the names in 'default' workspace. The level 1 nodes have a
unique name in the default workspace but quickly I found the parent name of
level 2 node does not match the parent name in version storage.

Then I tried a different approach. I read in an article that it is possible
to browse the version history of a particular node. So I used the following
snippet of code:

 VersionHistory vh = node.getVersionHistory();            
 VersionIterator vi = vh.getAllVersions();         
 vi.skip(1); // this is the root
          while (vi.hasNext()) {
                Version v = vi.nextVersion();
                NodeIterator ni = v.getNodes();
                while (ni.hasNext()) {

                    Node nv = ni.nextNode();
                    Property p = nv.getProperty("ecr:version");
                    long val = p.getLong();
                    System.out.println("Version: " + val);
                    if (val == version.longValue()) { // interested in
matching the version
                        return nv;


The above code execute the version loop ony once and this version reflects
the current version. I expected the loop to execute atleast twice since I
have a version 1 and version 2 and I was looking for version 1 but couldn't
find it.

Is there a way to find the version I am looking for? am I missing something?

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