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From "Erik van Zijst" <erik.van.zi...@gmail.com>
Subject Support for ChangeSets?
Date Sun, 09 Nov 2008 05:22:17 GMT
Hi folks,

I'm evaluating JCR 1.0 (JackRabbit 1.4) primarily for its versioning
support, but even after browsing the spec, I'm still not sure whether
JCR supports the concept of a ChangeSet, where a changeset represents
a collection of related changes to multiple entities at once.

I realize that a set of changes can be applied to the repository as an
atomic operation using a transaction, but I need to know if this
information is stored by JCR's versioning, so it can be retrieved
later, in a way similar to a revision number in subversion.

Tracking changesets is crucial for storing versioned source code (even
more so than tracking individual node history) and it should be
possible to identify all nodes that were changed during a revision, so
they can also be undone if necessary.

I've briefly looked at JSR-283, but couldn't find changeset support either.


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