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From "Charles Brooking" <public+jackrab...@charlie.brooking.id.au>
Subject Recommended Jackrabbit (and JCR) version
Date Fri, 14 Nov 2008 00:53:18 GMT
Hi all

After reading the JSR-170 spec and doing some initial development with
Jackrabbit 1.4, I decided to look at JSR-283. I note that it contains
major changes including an entirely new query model and a standard
interface for authorisation.

I was surprised and quite disappointed to see XPath deprecated, because I
regarded use of the "document view" throughout the spec as its most
elegant feature. I'm not meaning to start another argument on this list -
I see there are already a few in the archives - but I just wanted to add
my voice to those in support of XPath. I recall there was a comment made
that Jackrabbit will continue to support XPath and that its support may in
fact become more powerful by being built on top of the JQOM. Is this true?

On the subject of authorisation, I wonder whether I should use 1.4 - and
use my own properties and AccessManager for access control - or jump to
version 1.5 (or higher). How stable is 1.5, and what version would people
recommend for a project that will probably be "live" by the end of this

Thanks for any input.


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