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From Daniel de la Cuesta <daniel.cue...@iavante.es>
Subject Workflow between workspaces
Date Thu, 13 Nov 2008 09:09:51 GMT

I am newbie in Jackrabbit world and JCR. I have worked with some CMS but 
in a higher level. I am currently working in a proyect and I have to 
work directly with JCR API.

We want to build a CMS that has two workspaces. The workflow is as 
follows: users create content into one workspace (Catalog), they attatch 
files, edit properties, etc. when users think their content is finished 
they "publish" the content into the other workspace (Chanel). The action 
"publish" make the the content accesible from the Channel workspace but 
it still is in the Catalog workspace.

Content in the Channel workspace has the same properties and child nodes 
that in the Catalog workspace and maybe additional properties/child nodes.

What is the best practice from the JCR point of view: When the user 
"publish" the content from one workspace to another do I have to create 
a new copy of the object in the Channel workspace?

Thank you.

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