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From Samuel Cox <s...@pervasive.com>
Subject Workspaces vs Folders (nodes)
Date Wed, 05 Nov 2008 16:21:57 GMT
I've read some posts and material about when to use workspaces and when not to, but I'm hoping
for a little more help.

Our requirements include:
1.  Separate areas for containing content based on user groups.
2.  The ability to copy with ids intact (e.g. clone) would be very nice.  However, we do not
want version history to be shared. My thinking is that to get copy with ids intact requires
corresponding nodes which require shared version history...Right?
3.  Queries are bounded by the groups.  A member of group A should never be able to retrieve
group B's content.

My thought is that workspaces only add more benefit than nodes (containers) for #3.

Any tips and/or suggested reading is welcomed.

Samuel Cox

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