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From "Alfie Kirkpatrick" <Alfie.Kirkpatr...@ioko.com>
Subject Question about node type changes
Date Tue, 07 Oct 2008 19:19:40 GMT
I'm new to Jackrabbit and have read with interest some of the archive posts and JIRAs on the
evolving support for changes to node type definitions when there are active nodes using those
definitions. These seem to assume as fundamental that a node shall always conform to its node
>From a site development point of view where Jackrabbit might be the content repository,
this causes some concern to me. Sites change, requirements change. To me the node type definition
should be more of a guide to the intent for the structure of the node rather than enforce
very strict validation. To me it's a bit like the question whether an XML editor with DTD/schema
validation should ever allow an invalid document to be created, even temporarily. Most end
up taking the approach that it's sometimes necessary to make a document invalid on the way
to making it valid again, and this seems reasonable to me.
So my question is really whether Jackrabbit is ever likely to support a 'lax' mode where node
types can be changed even if this causes existing nodes to become invalid, or whether it's
part of the fundamental design that this should not be possible, ever.
Apologies if this goes over old ground and thanks in advance for your interest.

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