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From Dave Fried <dfr...@phoenix-int.com>
Subject Re: WebDAV servlets and locking
Date Mon, 27 Oct 2008 11:23:08 GMT
Thanks, Julian!

I mostly figured the problem out.  Turns out that it was not the problem 
I thought it was.  The client software was correctly re-acquiring the 
lock during the UNLOCK operation, but the server forgot to strip the 
"opaque:" prefix from the lock token in one case.  The client got 
temporary ownership of the lock for the session, but then the tokens 
didn't match during the actual UNLOCK.  So, I just corrected the server 
code and now UNLOCK works correctly.

Regarding lost lock tokens: I think I may modify the code I am running 
to reveal lock tokens to administrators, so a resource that is left 
locked with a lost token can be later unlocked/removed by an appropriate 
person.  AFAIK, from a WebDAV perspective (or as you pointed out, from a 
JCR 2.0 perspective), there is nothing wrong with sometimes revealing 
lock tokens.

Thanks again!


Julian Reschke wrote:
> WebDAV clients are supposed to remember the lock token they received 
> upon LOCK. They need to re-submit them in subsequent requests, using 
> the "If" header.
> If they do not keep them, they have to rely on lock token discovery 
> using PROPFIND, which servers are not required to support. So this is 
> not strictly a JCR problem.
> That being said, JCR 2.0 *allows* servers to reveal the lock tokens of 
> open-scoped locks, so I expect future implementations to actually do 
> that.
> BR, Julian

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