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From Cédric Chantepie <cchante...@corsaire.fr>
Subject Re: WebDAV Paradigm Mismatch
Date Sun, 26 Oct 2008 20:51:40 GMT
Mike Oliver a écrit :
> David,
> In Slide we can set a configuration parameter and automatically version the
> entire repository or a node and its children.  
> As to saving not really being versioning, I would really like to know your
> meaning, since that is the crux of my 'rant'  WebDAV, precisely the "V" in
> WebDAV is for Versioning, if the JackRabbit WebDAV doesn't do Versioning,
> then call it 'WebDA'.  
> I should be able to open a document in Word from my WebDAV repository, edit
> it, save it and see a new version in the repository.  If I open it in Word
> then if someone else tries to open it, they should not be able to open it
> except in read only mode because it is locked and should stay locked as long
> I have it open.
> While it is fair to say JackRabbit is about the JSR-170 spec and the "Back
> End" and fully reasonable to say the focus is on that functionality.  I have
> already acknowledged that is superior.
> But not having a browser application to browse the content in the repository
> or WebDAV that doesn't do locking or versioning, is also fair to say they
> fall short of the capabilities of the predecessors JackRabbit is intended to
> replace.
> Given your and Alex's response, I am now leaning heavily toward taking the
> WebDAV implementation from Slide and use that as a model for an
> AdvancedWebDAVServlet that offers an html browser interface to the
> repository AND full WebDAV with locking and versioning with JackRabbit on
> the back end.  Might even donate it back.
> Ollie
Also related to Jackrabbit WebDAV improvements, it seems to have some 
trouble with chunked transfer encoding (occurs with Mac OS X WebDAVFS 
which uses it, but cannot find another WebDAV client with such transfer 
encoding to confirm it's the primary cause).

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