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From Angela Schreiber <anch...@day.com>
Subject Re: unlock file
Date Wed, 22 Oct 2008 12:47:12 GMT

> actually I don't think this is a webdav issue, it's more a question about 
> unlocking files, locked by a previous session.

that's what the error says. but it can still be
a webdav issue.

with the default setup of the simple dav-servlet
the lock tokens get removed from the session before
it is logged out. if a new session is obtained the
lock-tokens retrieved from the dav-request headers
are put to the session.

thus: implicit lock token transfer.
the only thing that is required is, that the client
sends the correct lock token with a modification request
(If-Header) or an unlock request (Lock-Token header).

this is basically what i wanted to take a closer
look at in the conversation.

> AFAIK I need the lock token for unlocking a file.

correct. as far as i know it is the client's
responsibility to send the lock token it
obtained from the LOCK request or a PROPFIND for

> This token is hold by the session created this file.

is hold by the session that created the lock by
calling LOCK in webdav or (alternatively) interally
by calling javax.jcr.Node.lock().

> What if the session has ended?

if the session has ended it depends on the type of
JCR lock you created:
- session-scoped locks are automatically removed
   (not used with the simple dav servlet)
- for open-scoped locks the lock token must be
   retrieved from the lock-holding session before.
   then removed from that session and later on
   added to second session to make the second
   become the lock-holder.
   -> see above for the logic implemented in the
      simple server.

> So my question should be: How can I get the lock token from another (maybe 
> allready ended) session?

yes, if you retrieved the lock token AND remove it
from the session that is going to be logged out.

see Session#getLockTokens/addLockToken/removeLockToken
for the corresponding instructions.

> By the way, how can I trace the http conversion of a windows network 
> drive?

i use to connect to a proxy that logs the conversation instead
of connecting to the server directly. i guess there is
some sort of free available equivalent to that helper.


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