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From Cédric Chantepie <cchante...@corsaire.fr>
Subject Re: WebDAV connector
Date Thu, 09 Oct 2008 15:10:42 GMT
Thomas Müller a écrit :
> Hi,
>> Lucene/Jackrabbit search stuff seem to be involved in TIME_WAITED thread and
>> exceptions.
> None of the threads is doing any work when the thread dump was taken.
> All threads were waiting, sleeping, or waiting for incomming
> connections (socketAccept).
>> * jstack result when server gone up to 3.6 of load (and JVM freezed) :
>> http://pastebin.com/m53d654f8
> Are you sure the JVM freezed? It just looks like there is nothing to process.
> Regards,
> Thomas
I got all these traces when my test transfer keep trying to send the 
same file for about 5 minutes (a very small file about some Kb) and 
server went to ~4 of load. That's why I'm thinking it freezed, but I 
still don't know what's the real trouble.

I will try to add a custom indexing configuration and tweak it to see 
whether it changes that problem.


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