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From Mike Oliver <moli...@corenttech.com>
Subject Re: WebDAV Paradigm Mismatch
Date Sun, 26 Oct 2008 15:35:08 GMT


Thanks this is useful information and I will check into Sling and

As to locking and versioning, well yes of course I want a save to add a
version, isn't that a definition of what a version is?  The WebDAV
implementation of SimpleWEbdavServlet doesn't even work universally on
multiple WebDAV clients, much less even different versions of Web Folders on

Yes I realize the focus is on the repository and as I did say it is superior
to Slide for that.


Alexander Klimetschek wrote:
> Sorry, but your rant is a bit unclear: what exactly are the issues you
> face with WebDAV on Jackrabbit? Let me clarify on the various issues
> you threw in:
> Files and folders: The major WebDAV on Jackrabbit case (provided by
> the SimpleWebdavServlet under /repository in the jackrabbit webapp
> [1]) is mapping files and folders onto nt:file and nt:folder nodes in
> JCR. That way all you see and can do with the WebDAV on Jackrabbit are
> natural files and folders.
> Run out-of-the-box: Jackrabbit today is a "backend" library
> implementing the JCR spec (it is the reference implementation) and it
> is to be used in other (web) applications. Thus there is currently no
> goal to have a one-click-installer for end-users on all platforms to
> provide a generic document storage. There has been work on such a
> thing in the Apache Sling project, which provides a runnable jar with
> Jackrabbit included [2], that after startup, gives you a WebDAV on
> http://localhost:8080 (although it has a slightly different mapping to
> JCR nodes), and a commercial JCR implementation partly based on
> Jackrabbit has something called "quickstart", ie. a runnable jar with
> Jackrabbit's WebDAV out-of-the-box at
> http://localhost:port/repository/<workspace>/ [3].
> Locking/Versioning: Do you want to version the files after every save?
> That is not done by default since it would create many unnecessary
> versions (nothing you could generically assume for all files), but it
> can IMHO be quite easily customized by writing your own variant of the
> SimpleWebdavServlet.
> [1] http://jackrabbit.apache.org/jackrabbit-web-application.html
> [2] http://incubator.apache.org/sling/site/downloads.cgi
> [3] http://dev.day.com/microsling/content/blogs/main/firststeps1.html
> Regards,
> Alex
> On Sun, Oct 26, 2008 at 3:52 PM, Mike Oliver <moliver@corenttech.com>
> wrote:
>> As a committer on the Slide project before its retirement, I have a
>> number of
>> applications built on top of it and some of those are better on
>> JackRabbit
>> due to the Node Types and other aspects not relevant to this post.
>> But WebDAV on JackRabbit sucks.  The reason it sucks is that the WebDAV
>> filesystem paradigm is what users, especially non computer scientist
>> users
>> expect and using WebDAV by going to My NetWork Places and adding a WebDAV
>> folder needs to show Folders and Files.  With Slide this works Out of the
>> Box and you can still download and install the Slide Tomcat bundle and
>> start
>> using it with WebDAV in a few minutes and use Microsoft Word to save a
>> document to a Web Folder, and as long as Word has the document open, it
>> is
>> locked in Slide for all to see, Save it after some changes and it stays
>> locked but you get a new version.  Close Word and the lock goes away. 
>> You
>> can have folders within folders and documents within folders.
>> Simple, even my wife can use it.
>> I am tempted to take Slide, create a new set of Stores for Slide that
>> implement JackRabbit as the repository and use the Slide WebDAV
>> interface.
>> As I said for some things JackRabbit is greatly superior to Slide, but
>> for
>> WebDAV and Web Folders...uh no.
>> Ollie
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> Alexander Klimetschek
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