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From Shailesh Mangal <shailesh.man...@getzephyr.com>
Subject Re: Batch Operations in Jackrabbit
Date Thu, 25 Sep 2008 10:28:14 GMT
thanks Stefan,

We are using JTA. Our repository reads are very fast but writes are  
very slow.

It takes 600-800 msec to copy one node. We are trying to find a reason  
for that. It appeared that workspace.copy() might take long.

What I also noticed is that its constantly rebuilding the indexes on  
file system during the copy. Is there any way we can stop it from  
building the indexes and build them in the end?

Shailesh Mangal
Now, Test Management, is a breeze

On Sep 25, 2008, at 12:58 AM, Stefan Guggisberg wrote:

> hi shailesh
> On Wed, Sep 24, 2008 at 5:55 PM, Shailesh Mangal
> <shailesh.mangal@getzephyr.com> wrote:
>> HI All,
>> I am facing performance issues while coping large number of nodes.
>>       Scenario: I have a node(N1) with 5000 subnodes). I wanted to
>> selectively copy some of these (say 1000) sub nodes to other node(N2)
>> I am using Workspace.copy(). (Iterating through all subnodes and  
>> coping one
>> by one)
>> As per documentation(of Workspace.copy), "If successful, the change  
>> is
>> persisted immediately, there is no need to call save".
>> As per my understaning every node commits separately. But I want to  
>> commit
>> all nodes as batch. so that I can save some execution time.
> the result of workspace operations are committed just once at the  
> end of the
> operation (assuming you're not using JTA).
> cheers
> stefan
>> Is it possilbe to "commit nodes  in batches while using  
>> Workspace.copy()  or
>> an alternative to bulk bulk copy". I am using 1.3.4 but I can  
>> upgrade if
>> newer versions have solution to this problem
>> Shailesh Mangal
>> Now, Test Management, is a breeze

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