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From "Sven Seibold" <sseib...@translations.com>
Subject Any way to fix broken node
Date Tue, 30 Sep 2008 11:26:01 GMT

Hi all,

we are using Jackrabbit 1.4.5 with the MSSqlPersistenceManager . For a 
still unknown reason some nodes seem to have been broken and are in a 
corrupt state.

- node.getNodes() does not list these nodes anymore at all
- node.getNode(path) gives an PathNotFoundException
- node.addChild(path) at the same time gives a ItemExistsException
- trying to access an apparently existing child node of these gives an 
error like
javax.jcr.RepositoryException: failed to retrieve state of intermediary 
node: 1891ab0d-55d5-4947-8ad9-4063e8b3145f

I have tried various things but cannot seem to fix these nodes. Any try 
to access these nodes in order to do something with them ends up with a 
PathNotFoundException while any try to create these nodes ends with an 
ItemExistsException .

Is there any way to restore recover these nodes (no versioning is used)?

Thanks in advance for any help!


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