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From Angela Schreiber <anch...@day.com>
Subject Re: Not able to see Item view through JCRWebdavServerServlet
Date Thu, 25 Sep 2008 06:45:33 GMT

if you are looking for webdav functionality just
use the default webdav server under your

 > http://localhost:8080/jr/repository/default

and forget about the JCRWebdavServerServlet. this one
is built for remoting jcr-calls and not file-based

pkrishna wrote:

> I just installed the above servlet as part of the JackRabbit-WebApplication
> 1.4. I am able to browse to this URL
> http://localhost:8080/jr/repository/default or
> http://localhost:8080/jr/server/default using Explorer (windows xp). But can
> I copy a file from the local filesytem to this URL using the explorer? I
> couldn't see of a way to  do this. 
> I used an open-source webclient that allowed me to copy 2 files from local
> drive to default workspace. After uploading the files, I was able to browse
> to localhost:8080/jr/repository/default and list the files but I expected to
> see item view when I browsed to localhost:8080/jr/server/default. Instead
> when I click on jcr:root, I am seeing an xml but not the nodes representing
> the files I uploaded.

the xml is displayed, when upon GET. a PROPFIND
will do the trick and expose the list of child
items. in order to 'GET' the uploaded file you
have to access the corresponding binary property
in the repository. something like 

> I would appreciate if somebody can clarify why this is the case.


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