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From kenclark <kencl...@snet.net>
Subject Re: Problem with node.checkin() in same transaction node was created
Date Tue, 23 Sep 2008 12:50:58 GMT

Well, two things:

1) The heuristic exception only occurred when I had the checkin() call in
the code.  If I took it out, I did not get the initial version, but
everything worked fine (no heuristic exception)

2) I did convert to an OraclePersistenceManager, and now the checkin() works
fine -- no heuristic exception and the end result is as I expect.  I do have
various other new issues that have come up after this conversion that I have
to track down, but I am (thankfully) past the heuristic exception problem.

Thanks for your assistance.


Alexander Klimetschek wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 22, 2008 at 10:40 PM, kenclark <kenclark@snet.net> wrote:
>> From the first link (http://markmail.org/message/2alwjclh6kecpbdn), there
>> is
>> this statement:
>> "When you first create a node that is versionable and set properties on
>> it,
>> you call save on the node. Then the base version of the node has that
>> property value. "
>> However, this is not what I see from the root version.  The root version
>> does have a jcr:frozenNode child, but that child does not have the
>> property
>> on it that I set on the versioned Node.
>> After the root version, the property does show up on the frozenNode
>> child.
>> Also, this conflicts with (if I understand them correctly) what Brett and
>> Julian are saying about the root version, which is really just a starting
>> point.
>> Thus, there really is no "first version" created upon save of the
>> mix:versionable node, at least if what is meant by first version is the
>> initial copy of the node.  There has to be a checkin().  Or am I still
>> being
>> dense?
> Sorry, the mail link was actually not a complete description ;-) It's
> true that there has to be a checkin(), so your code is correct.
> Regarding the exception you get: it is interesting to see that there
> is no exception from jackrabbit or any jackrabbit class in the
> stacktrace. Maybe you omitted the bottom part of the stacktrace? AFAIK
> the xml pm, as it does no transactioning at all, could also never
> throw an exception if something fails during a transaction. In other
> words, it would not rollback the transaction if a file system write
> access or similar occurred. So I guess the exception you get
> (javax.transaction.HeuristicMixedException, which sounds weird, but I
> am not an expert in JTA) might have a different cause.
> Regards,
> Alex
> -- 
> Alexander Klimetschek
> alexander.klimetschek@day.com

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