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From kenclark <kencl...@snet.net>
Subject Re: Adding a new property
Date Fri, 19 Sep 2008 11:16:12 GMT

Thanks for the reply.  As far as I can tell, there are no standard mixin
node types that would fit the bill, so I will need to build one (creating a
mixin node type seems like a good solution).  (Or can I add in a primary
type like nt:unstructured as a mixin type?)

Is there a link that has good step by step instructions as to how to do

Can I make a new node type in the "mix" namespace (such as "mix:authored"),
or do I also need to create a new namespace?

Any suggestions as far as architecting this?  Can this be done in a
configuration file?  I am still trying to find a page that shows an example
cnd file.


Julian Reschke wrote:
> kenclark wrote:
>> As you will see, I am very new to Jackrabbit and JCR in general.
>> I am working on storing binary content using nt:file.  I have this
>> working.
>> I would like to keep track of the user id of the user that saved the
>> binary
>> content.  It is clear to me that I can't just add a property of whatever
>> name I like -- I need to (apparently) configure a new node type which
>> extends from "jcr:content" (or maybe "nt:resource", I can't be sure.)
>> I have been googling my head off for about an hour, and am totally unable
>> to
>> figure out how to do this.
>> So:
>> 1) Is it correct that I need to make a new node type?
> Only if the node type you have doesn't allow residual properties (in 
> which case you can just go ahead and set new properties). This is 
> probably not the case here, otherwise you'd already be doing it. But it 
> could be the case on other JCR implementations.
> An alternative would be to go hunting for a existing *mixin* type that 
> does allow setting arbitrary properties, and try to add it to given node 
> instance.
>> 2) How do I define it and then register it?  I would like this to be done
>> in
>> a portable way if possible so that I can hook up to different
>> implementations of JCR without having to rewrite.
> Not possible with JCR 1.0, but part of the JCR 2.0 (potentially the most 
> important change!).
>> 3) I have a web app which will be using this.  I assume the node type
>> only
>> needs to be registered once, but is that once per server startup or once
>> ever or what?  What is the best architecture for doing this setup?
> It would need to be done once.
>> 4) Why is it so complicated to add a new property -- or have I totally
>> missed the easy way to do this?
> The JCR spec allows "strict" node types and "flexible" node types (which 
> is good). Jackrabbit implements "nt:file/nt:resource" exactly as 
> specified in the JCR spec, so doesn't make them less strict that they 
> need to be. Not sure why.
> BR, Julian

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