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From "Thomas Müller" <thomas.muel...@day.com>
Subject Re: server modes/backups
Date Wed, 06 Aug 2008 16:06:05 GMT

> Basically, does it store its content and operate entirely on the
> filesystem?

Yes when using a file system based persistence manager. See also:
http://wiki.apache.org/jackrabbit/PersistenceManagerFAQ - I wouldn't
suggest to use file system persistence manager for production. If you
use a database based persistence manager, this is also true if
database content is also stored in the file system. This is the case
when using the default persistence manager (Derby).

> Or does it operate entirely in a database?
> Or is this configurable?

This is configurable in the repository.xml and workspace.xml.

> What is derby being used for, and is it running entirely in memory?

Derby is the default persistence manager, and it stores the data to disk.

> Does it always need both a db and fs to operate?

The search index always needs a file system if enabled. When using
Jackrabbit for production, I suggest _not_ to use the file system
persistence manager. But a database is not always required: The
company I work for (Day, http://www.day.com) provides a transactional
file based persistence manager (TarPersistenceManager) that stores
everything to disk. This persistence manager is part of the CRX
product (commercial). See also
- CRX is compatible to Jackrabbit.

> For the purposes of server backup:
> If JR is storing its data on the filesytem, is it enough to zip the repo
> home to back up the repository?  The idea being if there was some hardware
> failure we could pull the zip and dump the contents into new machines repo
> home.

Yes, but you can't do that while the repository is running. If you
need a failsafe solution, maybe you are interested in clustering?
Jackrabbit supports clustering. Again the commercial CRX product from
Day supports some more features in this area.

> If JR is storing its data in a db, is it enough to back up the database
> instance?

You need to backup both the database and the file system.


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