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Subject Re: sanity check on oracle PMs
Date Fri, 22 Aug 2008 23:58:16 GMT
testing please ignore..

On Today, 1:25 PM, Michael Harris <michael.e.harris@gmail.com> wrote:
> I just need to bounce this idea off users; I want to make sure there is not
> any easier way to do this.
> The company for whom I work has some very strict rules around database
> users.  If an app is called project, then there are two db users
> project
> and
> projectapp
> project can create tables, projectapp can do select, update, delete, insert
> to project's tables.  However, projectapp works in project's schema (there
> are synonyms put in place so that projectapp can view project's schema, but
> the tables do not appear in projectapp's schema).  I think what I am seeing
> in the OraclePersistenceManager's init code is that it looks for the NODE
> table in a schema that has the same name as the db user.
> so when i run my tests with project's db credentials everything is hunky
> dory; tables are created and it works fine.  However, when change the
> connection params to use projectapp's credentials, the init method cannot
> see the tables because they live in project's schema, not in projectapps.
> So the workaround was as follows:
> 1)  extract the oracle.ddl file and augment it so that it adds synonyms and
> grants permissions to the app user.  We are going to have process in place
> to use the ddl (either a shell script or run the tests and let the PM create
> the tables) to generate the tables before release.
> 2)  Subclass OraclePM and override its checkSchema() method so that it
> doesn't try and create the tables--just assume the tables are there. if they
> arent a db admin needs to run the ddl create step.
> The question is: is there a way to tell OraclePM that the tables live in a
> schema with a name different from the user's name?  Or do I have to it as
> described above given this company's rules on database users....
> thanx
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> Michael Harris

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