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From Scott Dietrich <sc...@minutestopost.com>
Subject Jackrabbit utilities
Date Wed, 20 Aug 2008 20:36:04 GMT
I created a couple of small utilities for Jackrabbit and was  
wondering if other Jackrabbit users are also interested in using  
them. If there is interest, I wouldn't mind either setting up a  
Sourceforge project for them or donating them to be included in the  
Jackrabbit sandbox.

The first one is a DataStore implementation that uses Amazon S3 for  
storage. This is fairly straightforward. It is configured by adding a  
DataStore section to the repository.xml file, e.g.:
     <DataStore class="org.jcrutil.S3DataStore">
         <param name="awsAccessKey" value="" />
         <param name="awsSecretKey" value="" />
         <param name="bucketName" value="" />
         <param name="minModifiedDate" value="0" />
         <param name="minRecordLength" value="0" />

The second utility is a JCR based Commons VFS filesystem provider.  
This allows you to access a JCR repository (nt:file and nt:folder  
nodes) using the Commons VFS API. I've also used this with MINA FTP  
Server and Dctm VFS (http://dctmvfs.sourceforge.net/) to provide FTP  
access to a Jackrabbit repository.

The source tarball is here: http://www.minutestopost.com/jcrutil.tar.gz

If you have any questions or comments just let me know.


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