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From Wolfgang Habicht <wolfgang.habi...@netcetera.ch>
Subject Re: inconstistent index - query result does not match nodes accessed through their path
Date Tue, 12 Aug 2008 10:03:01 GMT
Hello Ard

thank you for your quick answer.

In mid-term we will upgrade to Jackrabbit 1.4. But unfortunately at the 
moment we are not yet able to upgrade due to external dependencies.

So we are looking for a 1.3-compatible solution.


Ard Schrijvers wrote:
> Hello,
>> Hi
>> we have diagnosed a strange behavior on using Jackrabbit 1.3.3:
>> After adding/modifying a node we get different results 
>> whether accessing the node directly through its path (correct 
>> answer) or by using the query engine (node does not exist/old value).
>> It seems that the search-index is not always correctly updated.
>> Does anyone know this problem?
>> What do you think, should it help to upgrade to Lucene 2.2.0 
>> or 2.3.2? 
>> Is upgrading Lucene possible without any code change?
> An issue with searching does not mean directly an issue with lucene.
> Lucene is a search library, Jackrabbit has an implementation of this.
> Furthermore, jackrabbit is currently not compatible with lucene 2.3.2.
> IMHO, always use dependencies that ship with a version of Jackrabbit to
> avoid obscure behavior. 
> Anyway, why not try to upgrade to the latest Jackrabbit release instead
> of just updating some (lucene) jar dependency?
> -Ard
>> Additional information:
>> For the query we use SearchManager.createQuery(...).execute();
>> A simple restart of the system does not help, however 
>> deleting the index before starting again helps.
>> Thanks,
>> Wolfgang Habicht

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