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From Matthijs Wensveen <m.wensv...@func.nl>
Subject Alternatives to workspace.clone()?
Date Wed, 06 Aug 2008 11:58:59 GMT

Our application imports content in one workspace and when it's done and 
everything is verified the content is cloned to the default workspace. 
At the top of the freshly imported content is one node with a rather 
large subtree (10.000+ nodes). More than occasionally the clone 
operation fails because the jvm runs out of heap space. Are there any 
alternatives to clone that do not put the entire tree in memory before 
writing it to the other workspace?

I'm using the bundled Derby Persistence Mgr plus a FileDataStore.


Matthijs Wensveen
Func. Internet Integration
W http://www.func.nl
T +31 20 4230000
F +31 20 4223500 

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