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From Angela Schreiber <anch...@day.com>
Subject Re: Expose only a folder using WebDAV
Date Wed, 06 Aug 2008 07:06:53 GMT
hi paco

> Yes, I want to expose from "uno" path (wants the tree starts at
> "uno"). So "uno" will not be shown because it is the "wendab root
> folder" but "dos" should be shown. But I have no idea how to achieve
> this :(

unless the 'dos' resource does not have siblings you want
to display, you should be able to point your dav-client
to the 'dos' resource as start point directly.

does that work?

if in addition you want to hide the existence of /ROOT/uno from
the user, you would need to provide a custom DavLocatorFactory
und extend the SimpleDavServlet to use the custom factory...
i guess that should work.

- DavLocatorFactory#createResourceLocator(String prefix, String href)
   to add /ROOT/uno to the resource path to obtain the correct
   repository path.
- DavResourceLocator#getHref(boolean) to remove the /ROOT/uno
   from the repository path while calculating the href of the
   dav resource.

if this is not what you are looking for or if i didn't get
your problem properly, feel free to post your questions
to the list.


> On Tue, Aug 5, 2008 at 3:21 PM, Angela Schreiber <anchela@day.com> wrote:
>> Paco Avila wrote:
>>> Actually, all the repository is exporter using WebDAV. But I wonder if I
>>> can
>>> export only from a node.
>>> If my repository is ROOT/uno/dos I want to show using WebDAV from "uno",
>>> to
>>> prevent access to parent folder ROOT.
>> do you simply want the tree to start at 'uno' (a) or do you
>> want the href-properties of the dav resources to omit
>> the segments you want to hide (b) ?
>> as far as i know, the (a) should work, shouldn't it?
>> for (b) you probably need to provide your custom DavLocatorFactory,
>> that properly converts between the item path (repository path) and
>> the href of the dav resource.
>> regards
>> angela

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