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From Sébastien Launay <sebastien.lau...@anyware-tech.com>
Subject Re: Simple question about jcr:contains()
Date Mon, 04 Aug 2008 13:19:10 GMT
Hi Paco,

I think the Lucene analyzer used in your workspace  and defined in
repository.xml does not tokenize string as you wanted.
Indeed, the default analyzer is Lucene StandardAnalyzer [1] which
used Lucene StandardTokenizer [2] which claims to:
"Splits words at punctuation characters, removing punctuation.
However, a dot that's not followed by whitespace is considered part of a

You can still use a custom analyzer by setting the class name to use
in the property "analyzer" of the SearchIndex element in repository.xml.

If the workspace is already created, you need to update
and also delete the repository/workspaces/<workspaceName>/index
directory in order to reindex nodes at startup.

Sébastien Launay

Paco Avila a écrit :
> I've a property called "okm:name" where I store each document name. If the
> document is called "hola mundo.txt" why the query
> /jcr:root//*[jcr:contains(@okm:name, 'hola')]
> return the document node but:
> /jcr:root//*[jcr:contains(@okm:name, 'mundo')]
> does not return anything?

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