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From Warner Onstine <wonst...@vmsinfo.com>
Subject some WebDAV issues
Date Mon, 25 Aug 2008 23:08:14 GMT
Hi all,
We are currently using the following setup:
- Extended org.apache.jackrabbit.webdav.simple.SimpleWebdavServlet to  
provide our own repo
- Implemented our own LoginModule
- Implemented our own AccessManager
- Implemented our own Principal

Before doing the last two we were able to connect to the default  
repository and drop new files and folders no problem.

Initially I created a new LoginModule which allowed me to hook into  
our own authentication service. Then I created our own version of the  
AccessManager to control who has access to specific workspaces/folders.

When I did the AccessManager I pretty much followed the  
SimpleAccessManager and modified it. I'm not sure what may have  
changed but here is the behavior now.

1) Connect to the WebDAV repo and workspace (via OS X)
2) In the logs it logs in the user again and again, repeatedly  
obtaining a new session from our authentication server (I've tried a  
couple of things to get it to stop to no avail so far)
3) Once it's connected I attempt to add a file and I keep getting this  
error "An older version of [File] is already here would you like to  
replace it?"
4) Choosing 'Yes' does not push the file to the repo, it will just  
spin for a while and then die

Any suggestions on these two issues would be greatly appreciated.


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