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From Angela Schreiber <anch...@day.com>
Subject Re: Running the SPI Testsuite unit tests with maven
Date Fri, 25 Jul 2008 07:41:57 GMT
hi pierre

> I'm currently trying to run the SPI testsuite on my SPI implementation with
> maven but it doesn't seem to work (I don't see them running when I launch a
> command like mvn install or mvn test). The interesting parts of my maven
> project POM are given below.

i'm not a maven expert and initially run into problems
with the classifier-stuff too.

it worked from me both in jackrabbit-spi2jcr and in
the sandbox/spi project by doing the following:

1) providing the following test resources
    > repositoryServiceStubImpl.properties
    > extension of the abstract RepositoryServiceStub
    > a test suite that includes the spi tests
    > additional properties/classes need for creation of
      the stub
    for the complete list i needed see 

2) modify the pom.xml by adding an extra
    dependency entry for the tests-jar file thus
    resulting in:


i didn't have to touch the maven-surefire-plugin section.

and as far as i know michael duerig did the same when
testing it with his custom SPI implementation. that
seemed to work.

so, can you check if you have all required resources/classes?
if this is the case: what maven version are you using?

hope you get it work!

> PS : Special thanks to Angela for the work realised on the SPI Testsuite

no problem. it's far away from being a complete test-suite. but
at least (if it really works) we have something to start with,
where we can add more tests easily.

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