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From Martin Mayr <mam...@cosy.sbg.ac.at>
Subject Jackrabbit bootstrap.properties in win/system32 folder
Date Tue, 22 Jul 2008 14:32:22 GMT
I deployed the jackrabbit 1.4 war file on a clean installed 5.5 tomcat 
server running on ubuntu 8.04 - it used the [catalina_home]/bin/ folder 
for data storage (the jackrabbit folder with bootstrap.properties and if 
i created a test-repo it would also store it there)
now i want to move it to a testserver, running win server 2k3 r2 and a 
5.5 tomcat with some other webapps and config i dun exactly know (but 
nothing changed that much i was assured), but when i deploy it there and 
create a test-repo, it puts the folder jackrabbit and the repo folder 
inside the [win_home]\server32\ folder ?!

anyone got an idea why this is happening and how i can change this?

i tried to enter a full path (c:\tomcat\bin\testrepo) into the 'create a 
new content repository' field on the bootstrap/missing.jsp page and this 
worked, but he created a jackrabbit folder inside system32 again. 
(allthough he used the right path for the repo now)
so guess there must be something wrong with the base folder jackrabbit 
chooses to use on this server
can i change this inside jackrabbit config somewhere or will i have to 
look at the tomcat configs?

thanks, martin

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