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From Matthijs Wensveen <m.wensv...@func.nl>
Subject Node.getNodes and Node.hasNodes for a specific nodeType
Date Tue, 08 Jul 2008 12:49:43 GMT

Is it possible to ask a Node whether it has child nodes of a specific 
nodeType? Currently I'm able to do this with an XPath query, but it 
would be a lot easier, and possibly faster, when I could ask this to the 
node directly.
Also, is it possible to mark a child node definition that is also marked 
as 'multiple' with 'primary'? If that is the case, maybe I could use 

My node type is defined as:
    - eb:friendlyName
    + eb:specialPage = eb:SpecialPage
    + * = eb:ContentTreeItem

In my application a ContentTreeItem is a leaf node when there are no 
eb:ContentTreeItem child nodes.

Thanks in advance,

Matthijs Wensveen
Func. Internet Integration
W http://www.func.nl
T +31 20 4230000
F +31 20 4223500 

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