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From maneo <ma...@man.poznan.pl>
Subject Re: Document clustering advice
Date Tue, 01 Jul 2008 06:40:28 GMT
All day coders wrote:
> Hi there list! I'm building a web site which uses jackrabbit behind
> the scenes. So far jackrabbit it's doing just fine, but we're in the
> need of clustering documents in the repository. I've previous
> experience with Carrot2 clustering engine, but i didn't find an easy
> way to integrate both Jackrabbit and Carrot2. That's why I'm asking
> here, for previous experiences or general advices.

What kind of integration You want to perfom?

I have limited experience with Carrot2 but from that what I know, 
usually you just have to prepare appropriate input class. This is simple 
adapter which gets data from Your source (jackrabbit) and prepares 
Carrot2 objects. I used to play with 
carrot2/components/carrot2-input-lucene component and for my particular 
experiment it worked fine. If that was a problem I can send You some 
pieces of my code.

kind regards,
Adam Dudczak

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