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From Aleksei Lukin <lu...@stu.cn.ua>
Subject Re: Need hint to run jsp from repository on tomcat
Date Fri, 25 Jul 2008 09:54:10 GMT
Thursday 24 July 2008 12:15:35 Torgeir Veimo написав:
> On 24 Jul 2008, at 19:09, Aleksei Lukin wrote:
> > Could please anyone point me to docs or code or tell some hints how
> > to do that?
> This is quite hard. I'd recommend using a framework that allows this,
> eg sling. These frameworks work by calling the jsp compiler directly,
> not by using the servlet containers built in mechanisms.
> Alternatively, if you can use something like freemarker or velocity
> instead of JSPs this would be quite easy to do.

Simpliest is to get file from repository and write to disk somewhere. 
Mounting jackrabbit subtree as webdav resource and symlinking needed dir to my app..   but
it seems guite ugly.
Optimal is hack to tomcat code that allows JSP from JCR mapped to some URL path.

I belive there should be simple way to fool tomcat and feed  JSP to it from Jackrabbit. 
Anyway  idea of placing JSP into repository allows so much flexibility I just can't refuse

SY, Alex Lukin

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