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From Lennard Fuller <lful...@unicon.net>
Subject jcr2spi<->spi-rmi<->spi2jcr<->jackrabbit-core config?
Date Wed, 02 Jul 2008 22:14:07 GMT
I happened across Jukka Zitting's web page in which he announced some of the new features in
Jackrabbit 1.4.  In particular, this paragraph was of interest.

"Service provider interface for JCR. The jackrabbit-spi component defines an architectural
layer below the JCR API. The SPI layer is designed specifically for remote access and outlines
a way for us to avoid the performance limitations of JCR-RMI that works on top of JCR."

This is because I have JCR client applications which are currently accessing the JCR via JCR-RMI.
 With a significant amount of client side caching the performance is acceptable for our current
usage... but only just.  The prospect of accessing the JCR external to that JCR's JVM in a
reasonably performant fashion is very exciting.

Looking at the mailing list I can see references to a method of getting remote access to a
JCR using SPI and RMI.

Marcel mentioned the following alternative:

Thus far I have been unable to find any How to, Readme or wiki page which covers this particular
configuration.  Can someone point me in the right direction?  Is there another configuration
I should consider first?

Lennard Fuller
Software Architect
Unicon Inc.

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