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From "Alexander Klimetschek" <aklim...@day.com>
Subject Re: Deleting repository
Date Wed, 18 Jun 2008 17:27:12 GMT
Well, the persisted data must certainly still be somewhere on your
hard drive. Maybe you deleted the wrong repository home directory or
the wrong tables in the database? Did you try to use a new home
directory location for jackrabbit?


On Wed, Jun 18, 2008 at 6:49 PM, H. Wilson <wilsonh@randdss.com> wrote:
> First time posting a question to this list... Bear with me, I will try to
> give as much information as possible.
> I am currently working on a test program to familiarize myself with
> Jackrabbit before incorporating it into our project. I am using MySQL as the
> backend and I am running JackRabbit embedded. The purpose of my little test
> program is to initialize a new TransientRepository, and populate it with
> some nodes from a Beanshell file. In the test program, before I source the
> Beanshell file to populate the repository, I make sure that the only node in
> the repository is the jcr:system one. No need to do this step if it is
> already populated. Then I output all the nodes and their properties
> recursively. This part works great - no problems. Now I wanted to wipe out
> this repository and rerun my program just to make sure that it indeed was
> going to do what I expected. But it isn't... I deleted the repository home
> directory, but when I rerun my program and get to the check for nodes other
> than the jcr:system one, it still sees the nodes as they were populated the
> first time I populated it! ( I tweaked the populating script to add
> different values, which is how I know it is definitely using the old
> values.)  Yes I am logging out of the session and even calling shutdown. I
> have tried the following in an attempt to get it to ignore those previous
> values:
>   * Deleted the repository home directory.
>   * "  and drop the mysql database it was accessing and re-creating it.
>   * "  and drop the mysql database, and creating one with a new name,
>     and changing the URL access string to match the new database.
>   * Used the GarbageCollection methods at the end - scan, stopScan,
>     deleteUnused..
>   * Rebooted in the thought that something was hanging on in my memory.
> For every single combination of attempts, when I rerun my program and get to
> that check for more than the jcr:system node, I get the same results - the
> old nodes are somehow still there. As if it truly isn't being deleted. I am
> getting no exceptions or errors. I have scoured the mailing lists, wiki, JR
> website and googled and can't seem to find any pertinent information. Should
> this be happening? Have I missed something? Any pointers would be greatly
> appreciated.
> HW

Alexander Klimetschek

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