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From Wade Girard <wade.gir...@comcast.net>
Subject newb performance question
Date Tue, 03 Jun 2008 17:45:18 GMT
I am new to jackrabbit and looking to use it to replace slide.

I am using the default repository setup (derby), and accessing it  
using WEBDAV running under jetty.

jackrabbit seems to perform well with small files, but when it gets to  
larger file it slows way down and I see messages like:

*INFO * BundleCache: num=3496 mem=8190k max=8192k avg=2399  
hits=7690423 miss=739577 (BundleCache.java, line 109)

What is the "proper" way to fine tune jackrabbit's performance!

I did increase the memory to the JVM when starting jetty as I was  
getting out of memory errors in the JVM.


Wade Girard

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