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From Sven Schliesing <schlies...@subshell.com>
Subject Handling many versions, disposing/swapping out old ones
Date Fri, 27 Jun 2008 13:00:27 GMT
Hello group,

while our repository grows, we are experiencing a fast growing version 
storage, too.

Some Nodes have a rather large history (30000 and more). This is slowing 
down the system when creating new version.

We are using Jackrabbit 1.3 and already applied some patches to improve 
the version-store performance: JCR-975, JCR-1209 and JCR-1421.

Now I'd like to know about your experiences with a large version store. 
Is performance much better with jackrabbit 1.4 or even 1.5? Is there a 
tested approach to dispose old versions or even better to swap out those 
old versions to another store? Just for the case where you'd want to 
restore a version that is rather old.

Many thanks in advance for your efforts!


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