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From Michael Wechner <michael.wech...@wyona.com>
Subject Re: Jackrabbit temporal content
Date Wed, 25 Jun 2008 20:58:14 GMT
Wes wrote:

>We are working on a project that has the requirement that content has a
>temporal quality in that it will become effective at a particular
>date/time and become expired at a future date/time.  All of the
>information also needs to be versioned and auditable.  Has anyone
>leveraged Jackrabbit to support this type of temporal processing?  My
>initial thought is this could be performed within the repository as a
>mixin on a node that would need temporal qualities.
>As an example we have a node that has 3 differing temporal versions that
>should be active for during a particular time period.
>Version A :  1/1/2000 - 1/1/2001
>Version B :  1/1/2001 - 1/1/2002
>Version C :  1/1/2002 - present(12/12/9999)
>There may also be an update to say Version B above in that we would have a
>new version for that time period.
>Version B1:  1/1/2001 - 1/1/2002
>Any thoughts, pointers, suggestions?

sounds to me more like a workflow thing (combined with a scheduler 
executing the workflow) than a data model thing, whereas of course the 
workflow states could be part of the same data store and one has to note 
that the "live" state isn't really treated as a workflow state, but 
rather like a flag/property saying this version is currently the one 
which should be used as the effective content.

But maybe I misunderstand your requirement, but if not then you might 
want check Yanel (http://yanel.wyona.org) which has impelemnted what I 
have described above through the interfaces


and hence could use Jackrabbit underneath




Michael Wechner
Wyona      -   Open Source Content Management - Yanel, Yulup
michael.wechner@wyona.com, michi@apache.org
+41 44 272 91 61

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