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From Wade Girard <wade.gir...@comcast.net>
Subject Configuring workspace in Standard WEBDAV
Date Mon, 09 Jun 2008 16:22:13 GMT
I am a newbie

I have successfully configured jackrabbit (with the help of the  
friendly folks on this mailing list) to work under jetty. I have a  
repository that I have renamed from default, populated, and can access  
it perfectly fine. Now I just need a little help with configuring the  
URL to access it. I want to just replace slide with jackrabbit, and in  
order to do that I need to make the URL to access jackrabbit be then  
same as slide is currently set up for. Note that in the jetty config I  
was able to set the url mapping to be "/Jackrabbit" instead of  

Current Jackrabbit URL:

Current Slide URL:

So, in the end, I "ideally" want the config in jetty to set the  
mapping to "/MyRepository", but I need to configure the jackrabbit  
webapp will not require /repository.

What do I need to change?

Wade Girard

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