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From "Frederic BOY" <frederic....@gmail.com>
Subject jackrabbit 1.4.4 - Problems with concurrent access
Date Mon, 09 Jun 2008 13:10:52 GMT

I'm trying to set up a unique JCR repository for up to 3 workstations on a
LAN. It is installed on one of the 3 computers and is made accessible using
windows sharing options.

All 3 computers are running their own JBoss instance, trying to access
concurrently to the unique JCR repository.

I have upgraded to jackrabbit 1.4.4 for better management of concurrent
access and I have edited my repository.xml to add these lines:

    <Workspace name="${wsp.name}">
    <FileSystem class="org.apache.jackrabbit.core.fs.local.LocalFileSystem">
       <param name="path" value="${wsp.home}"/>
ger" >
      <param name="path" value="${wsp.home}/index"/>
    <Versioning rootPath="${rep.home}/version">
            <param name="path" value="${rep.home}/version" />
ger" >

Everything should be ok, but still I keep getting those
"RepositoryException:Unable to create or lock file..."

(Though all users have read/write access rights on the repository folder and

Any idea about what's missing or what I've done wrong ??
Thanks a lot in advance!

Frederic Boy

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