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From "Greg Klebus" <g...@klebus.com>
Subject Day JCR Cup 08: JCR, Sling & MacBook Pro
Date Thu, 29 May 2008 08:23:13 GMT
Hi All,

In case you don't know yet - Day Software has launched a programming
contest, Day JCR Cup 08 [0] on Day's developer portal and blog,
http://dev.day.com/. I would like to invite this group here to the
contest *especially* cordially, as it's you who use and develop
content centric applications based on JCR standard. Help us unleash
the potential of these technologies and create great applications.

The Cup: You can win a MacBook Pro by designing and developing a
content centric application using CRX, an integrated and easy to use
web development framework and JCR repository.

The Software: CRX Quickstart, the special edition of CRX for content
participants available as free download, is an enterprise-strength
content repository featuring the following:

- one-click self-runnable executable - you have a running repository
in a matter of a minute or so
- CRX JCR repository, powered by Apache Jackrabbit and amended with
enterprise-grade features
- preconfigured Apache Sling web application framework

The Benefit: With this technology mix, preconfigured to work together,
it's possible (and fairly easy), to create a working prototype
application (e.g., a news portal or a blog) in under 15 minutes! See
the screencasts on the dev.day.com.

Taking part is easy

    * Read contest rules [1]
    * Download CRX Quickstart [2]
    * Create your content-centric application based on available
information (documentation [3], FAQ [4], mailing list [5])
    * Submit [6]

Best of luck!

Your Day JCR Cup '08 Team

[0] http://dev.day.com/microsling/content/blogs/cup.c.html
[1] http://dev.day.com/microsling/content/blogs/cup/rules.c.html
[2] http://dev.day.com/microsling/content/blogs/cup/downloads.c.html
[3] http://dev.day.com/microsling/content/blogs/cup/documentation.c.html
[4] http://dev.day.com/microsling/content/blogs/cup/faq.c.html
[5] http://dev.day.com/microsling/content/blogs/cup/discuss.c.html
[6] http://dev.day.com/microsling/content/blogs/cup/submit.c.html

-- Greg Klebus | http://day.com | http://dev.day.com
-- Best open-source JCR repository: http://jacrkabbit.apache.org
-- ** Day JCR Cup 08** | Win a MacBook Pro: http://dev.day.com

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