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From "Ard Schrijvers" <a.schrijv...@onehippo.com>
Subject RE: nested predicate
Date Fri, 09 May 2008 10:15:02 GMT
Hello Martin,

Before going into detail how I would recommend you to attack your
problem, first 1 question: what would this [@gfr:permission and 1 = 1],
and then specifically 1 = 1 add in functionality?

Furthermore, I really think you're heading the wrong way: If you manage
to get your authorisation queries like you are describing below, to
work, I am quite confident that within short notice you'll end up having
incredible slow queries: I wouldn't be surprised if you're heading for
problems before you have 100.000 nodes in your repository (and with
//gfr:channel[jcr:like(gfr:aclEntry/@ace, 'g:user:%r%')  your
application will be slow before you have 1.000 nodes in it)

I really do recommend you to put some effort into a little extending
Jackrabbit, by overriding the SearchIndex and the NodeIndexer. Add your
own specific ACL properties logic into the lucene indexed properties
(use jackrabbit indexes, but add some indexed fields). After this, do
*not* think about how to construct xpath/sql queries with ACL logic:
just do the queries without ACL logic, but in your SearchIndex class,
add a filter to each search result from Jackrabbit, where the filter is
constructed by a ACL query for your current user. For one and the same
user, this filter is the same while none of the indexes changed, hence
really efficient cacheable (even if indexes change, you can even know
which bits to set to 0 in the filter). 

This is a scalable approach. One issue remains, and that is that you are
storing ACL information on nodes. IMHO, not the way to go, but perhaps
is suits your needs (though, I hope for you that the ACLs do not change
to often, making you have to set all ACLs over and over on all nodes)

Hope this helps,

Regards Ard

> hello again
> it seems i must change my model for ACLs because even 
> [@gfr:permission and 1 = 1] is illegal :-(
> my queries will look like
> //gfr:channel[jcr:like(gfr:aclEntry/@ace, 'g:user:%r%') or ...]
> in any case i appreciate any additional comments.
> cu
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