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From Jan Grathwohl <jan.grathw...@kontrast.de>
Subject Re: NodeIterator drops nodes when sorting
Date Thu, 29 May 2008 15:34:00 GMT

>> The situation is that we have some nodes in the results list
>> where not all of the node's ancestors are accessible for the
>> Session (blocked by our AccessManager). We receive a
>> DocOrderNodeIteratorImpl from the query that contains these
>> nodes, and this iterator tries to sort the nodes before the
>> first method call that accesses them. The comparator then
>> gets an AccessDeniedException from the getAncestor() of one
>> of the nodes, and removes these nodes with unaccessable
> This seems correct to me, isn't?

Is it? I really don't know, but it is a least a behaviour that I was  
not aware of.

To clarify the situation: I have a node with the path a/b/c in the  
XPath query result, node c can be accessed, but a and b cannot. But  
the node c will then also be removed from the result list, because  
the document order cannot be created because of its unauthorized  
ancestors. So I have the situation that node c will be removed from  
the result although is is an authorized and accessible node, only its  
ancestors are not.

If I think it through, It is somehow logical in itself: default for  
missing "order by" specification is to create document order ->  
document order cannot be created if ancestors are not accessible ->  
node is not in the result. But it is a kind of pitfall when you're  
not aware of it.

>> ancestors from the node list. It also looks like the
>> Comparator directly removes both compared nodes from the
>> result list if one of them throws an Exception when being compared.
> And this is the actual error/problem, isn't? If correct, only the node
> that cannot be accessed should be removed, right?

Yes, I would also consider that to be wrong, it should not behave  
like that.

> Which version of Jackrabbit are you using? First of all, for  
> JackRabbit
>> 1.5 the default setting for respectDocumentOrder will be false. For <
> 1.5 it is true. You can configure it to false/true by adding
> <param name="respectDocumentOrder" value="false"/>
> To you <SearchIndex> element in repository.xml

I use Jackrabbit 1.4. I implemented the solution the S├ębastien  
suggested, adding a "order by @jcr:score" to the query. Works very  
well for me.

Regards and Thanks,


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