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From "Conoly, Brett" <Brett.Con...@digitalinsight.com>
Subject RE: Version.revert()
Date Tue, 06 May 2008 13:18:41 GMT
We are not using the jboss cluster, we are using jackrabbit-jca, the
jackrabbit-webapp, the jackrabbit-core, and we are using the jcr-rmi
connection to do our work.  We are using the latest version 1.4.2 and
there are absolutely no weird logs after a check-in. These are the last
bit of logs after it happens...

06:15:59,172 INFO  [MultiIndex] Unable to delete obsolete index: _12u

06:16:05,736 WARN  [JBossManagedConnectionPool] Destroying connection
that could not be successfully matched:
mc=org.apache.jackrabbit.jca.JCAManagedConnection@5ded70df handles=0
lastUse=1210079757133 permit=false trackByTx=false
f8d70a6 txSync=null]

06:16:05,745 INFO  [jcr/local] Created session

06:16:07,244 INFO  [DocNumberCache] size=1024/1024, #accesses=40862,
#hits=39054, #misses=1808, cacheRatio=96%

06:17:17,337 INFO  [MultiIndex] Unable to delete obsolete index: _12u

06:17:23,319 INFO  [MultiIndex] Unable to delete obsolete index: _12u

06:17:23,378 INFO  [MultiIndex] Unable to delete obsolete index: _83g

Thanks again

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From: Jukka Zitting [mailto:jukka.zitting@gmail.com] 
Sent: Monday, May 05, 2008 12:01 PM
To: users@jackrabbit.apache.org
Subject: Re: Version.revert()


On Mon, May 5, 2008 at 5:43 PM, Conoly, Brett
<Brett.Conoly@digitalinsight.com> wrote:
>  And for the derby persistence manager, that's what we were initially
>  using and the entire repository got corrupted several times, one of
>  which the repository couldn't recover from.  Since we have been using
>  the file system persistence manager this has not happened although we
>  just noticed that the checkin function was corrupting the data on the
>  actual file for the File system manager.

This sounds like there's something wrong either with your
configuration or your deployment. Are you using a JBoss cluster? How
have you deployed Jackrabbit (jackrabbit-jca, jackrabbit-webapp,
embedded jackrabbit-core, jcr-rmi, etc.)? Which Jackrabbit version are
you using? Any suspicious log file entries related to the problems?


Jukka Zitting

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