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From Angela Schreiber <anch...@day.com>
Subject Re: Writing a SPI Connector to an existing PostgreSQL database using JackRabbit SPI
Date Wed, 21 May 2008 10:40:40 GMT
hi pierre

> Which I don't understand here is how the communication between the SPI and
> the database have to be made. I was wondering if it involved the Postgresql
> Persistence Manager (and in this case, if the persistence should be managed
> manually or if it was taken automatically into account by a SPI built-in
> functionality).

from my understanding there are no requirements for that
communication.... so, no automatic built-in functionality
with the SPI with respect to communication to databases. at least
up to now.

> This question make sense in the perspective for example of an implementation
> of the getNodeInfo method. I was thinking here of making a mapping of the
> node's notion from the transient perspective to the notion of database table
> in the persistent perspective, which means here that I don't make any
> abstraction of the underlying data storage (the PostgreSQL database).
> The problem here is that I am unable to find another solution which don't
> make any hypothesis on the underlying data storage. Moreover, I don't
> understand how to write a SPI connector which no take into consideration the
> datasource on which it aims to provide a JCR abstraction.

probably my jcr-view of the problem makes it hard for
me to understand your problem.

basically you have to define what parts of your data you
want to expose as jcr-nodes and which parts as properties
and in which way you want to create the hierarchy.
this is something i probably can't help you with, unless
i have a complete understanding of your storage.

maybe somebody else....

> Maybe I misunderstood the notion of SPI and its possible application as part
> of the writing of a SPI connector and it is what I try to know.

what would be the misunderstanding? you lost me.

kind regards

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