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From "Gandhirajan Natarajan" <Gandhirajan.Natara...@igate.com>
Subject RE: Regarding Webdav support in jackrabbit webapp1.4
Date Thu, 15 May 2008 15:28:38 GMT
Hi angela,

Thanks for your response.

I have added the following init params for RepositoryAccessServlet 
in web.xml as mentioned in the


And my webdav functionality is working. I have also made the changes as
u said earlier in config.xml.i am attaching that for ur reference.And I
am running my application in jackrabbit1.4 (both jac.rar and

All I am trying to do is to bring up jackrabbit,add a tiff file in
default workspace and access it via webdav.i have followed all the
instructions mentioned in the link above and was able to add the file to

The webdav functionality is the one which I am left out and trying it.
And now when I am trying to access my repository via webdav, the trace I
am getting in my console is 

20:52:54,205 INFO  [AbstractConfig] Configuration of BootstrapConfig
20:52:54,205 INFO  [AbstractConfig]
20:52:54,205 INFO  [AbstractConfig]   jndiConfig:
20:52:54,205 INFO  [AbstractConfig]   rmiConfig:
20:52:54,205 INFO  [AbstractConfig]   repositoryHome: null
20:52:54,205 INFO  [AbstractConfig]   repositoryConfig: null
20:52:54,205 INFO  [AbstractConfig]   class: class
20:52:54,205 INFO  [AbstractConfig]   valid: true
20:52:54,205 INFO  [AbstractConfig]   repositoryName: jcr/local
20:52:54,205 INFO  [AbstractConfig]
20:52:54,205 INFO  [AbstractConfig] Configuration of JNDIConfig
20:52:54,205 INFO  [AbstractConfig]
20:52:54,205 INFO  [AbstractConfig]   jndiName: jcr/local
20:52:54,205 INFO  [AbstractConfig]   class: class
20:52:54,205 INFO  [AbstractConfig]   jndiEnv:
20:52:54,205 INFO  [AbstractConfig]   valid: true
20:52:54,205 INFO  [AbstractConfig]   jndiEnabled: true
20:52:54,205 INFO  [AbstractConfig]

20:52:54,236 INFO  [RepositoryAccessServlet] Acquired repository via
20:52:56,345 INFO  [jcr/local] Created session

And my server access log is as follows:-

"GET /jackapp/repository/default/? HTTP/1.1" 200 430
"GET /jackapp/repository/default/HHProcess/? HTTP/1.1" 200 378
"GET /jackapp/repository/default/HHProcess/Original%20Image.tif/?
HTTP/1.1" 200 423
tent/? HTTP/1.1" 200 312

Please help me out in this. If you want to know more details, I am
always ready as I am desperately trying to fix this issue :(

Thanks & Regards,
Gandhi Rajan.N

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From: Angela Schreiber [mailto:anchela@day.com] 
Sent: Thursday, May 15, 2008 8:27 PM
To: Gandhirajan Natarajan
Subject: Re: Regarding Webdav support in jackrabbit webapp1.4

> I have fixed the issue by making the corresponding changes in web.xml.

what changes?

> But still my webdav functionality is not working as expected. It still
> opens the added tiff files in folder structure when accessed via
> using webdav. 
> Any suggestions?

if you have a jackrabbit 1.4 webapp you can exclude the
DirListingExportHandler from the IOHandler config.

if you are running on jackrabbit 1.2 webapp you probably
have to create a custom IOManager implementation that does
not list the DirListingExportHandler.

but honestly i'm not totally sure, if my suggestions
point in the correct direction. i don't basically
understand what you are trying to do.

could you for a basic understanding deploy a jackrabbit
webapp and try on a fresh installation whether it
works or not? i think this would be helpful... otherwise
there a just too many sources for problems.


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