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From "Tobias Bocanegra" <tobias.bocane...@day.com>
Subject Re: getProperty and jcr:name
Date Tue, 29 Apr 2008 20:10:04 GMT
hi brett,
i don't quite understand your question. the 'jcr:name' and 'jcr:path'
properties do not exist on a node unless you set them. using getName()
or getPath() is the correct way of retrieving the name or path of an

regards, toby

On 4/29/08, Conoly, Brett <Brett.Conoly@digitalinsight.com> wrote:
> I was just writing a comparator for the jcr nodes and in my test case I
>  was comparing the jcr:name and jcr:path properties of the nodes.  I
>  realize that there's a getPath and getName function on the nodes but is
>  there any way to get these as properties without it throwing a
>  PathNotFoundException?
>  Thanks in advance

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