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From Jan Grathwohl <jan.grathw...@kontrast.de>
Subject Reset broken jcr:predecessors reference?
Date Thu, 10 Apr 2008 09:16:53 GMT
Hi all,

a while ago we accidentally created a wrong configuration of the  
workspace persistence managers on one of our systems, which was only  
active for a short time, but obivously long enough to create an  
inconsistency between the workspace and repository (version) database  
for at least one node.

We use the Bundle Persistence Manager with MySQL for both the  
workspace and the version data. The misconfiguration mentioned above  
lead to the situation that the database for the workspace was updated  
correctly when entering new content, but the database for the version  
storage was not (the db connection of the Persistence Manager for the  
version storage went to a wrong database).

The situation is now that I have a versionable node in my workspace  
with a jcr:predecessors property that contains a nonexistent UUID.  
This leads to a NullPointerException in  
AbstractVersionManager.calculateCheckinVersionName when I try to  
checkin the node. As I have found only one node in the repository so  
far that has this problem, my preferred solution would be to just  
bring this one node back to state that does not throw exceptions,  
either manually or through a small script.

My question to you is now: Is it somehow possible to reset the value  
of the node's jcr:predecessors property to the UUID of the last  
version that exists in the version storage? Or to reset the complete  
version history of the node? It would be acceptable to lose the old  
versions of the node, but I do not want to delete and recreate the  
node in the workspace, because there is a lot of other content below  
it. I know that it is not possible through JCR, but maybe through  
Jackrabbit API or some dirty hack... I have already tried to remove  
and re-add the mix:versionable type to the node, but that did not  
reset the version history.

If not, I guess the only way would be to copy the content of this  
node and its subtree into a new node structure in the same position  
of the tree and delete the old node. Could someone comment on what  
would be the best way to do this?

Best regards and thanks,


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