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From "Jared Graber" <jared.gra...@IACcap.com>
Subject RE: Database backed repositories
Date Thu, 24 Apr 2008 14:32:47 GMT

If I only have 1 workspace (no dynamic creation of new ones) and I
register the node types and namespaces on startup of my application are
the local workspace files recreated if they are missing or do I lose

Let's say I use a DB persistence manager but a local file system.

2 scenarios:
1.  I create a new application that will access the repository and put
it on a brand new server.  The application registers the namespaces and
node types on startup.  Do I need to copy files from another server to
access the data in the repository or will everything work smoothly?
2.  My hard drive crashes so I lose the files for the local file system
but the database is unharmed.  I start from scratch, deploy an
application that needs to access the repo, and as before the application
registers the namespaces and node types.  Will it work smoothly or do I
need to go to my backups to get the lost files?



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hi jared

On Wed, Apr 23, 2008 at 6:14 PM, Jared Graber <jared.graber@iaccap.com>
> I'm trying to find some best practices for repository configuration:
>  I need my data (nodes, properties, ,etc) to be stored in a DB so
>  obviously I would use a database persistence manager.
>  Does it matter if I use a local file system or db file system?  What
>  gets stored in the "filesystem"?

repository content (i.e. nodes & properties) are persisted through the
PersistenceManager abstraction.

repository 'meta data' and configurations (e.g. registered namespaces,
custom node type definitions,  locks, workspace configurations)
are persisted through the FileSystem abstraction.

the only notable exception is the lucene index which is always persisted
in the local file system (for performance reasons and since it's

WRT to using DbFileSystem:

pro: if you configure jackrabbit to store everything in a single db you
backup an entire repository easily.

con: since config files etc are stored in the db it's not that easy
anymore to
manipulate/edit them (should you ever need to do so ;)

hope this helps

>  What are the pros and cons of the different approaches?
>  The wiki says:
>  If you want to store your data in a RDBMS, use
>  BundleDbPersistenceManager
>  <http://wiki.apache.org/jackrabbit/BundleDbPersistenceManager>  +
>  LocalFileSystem or DbFileSystem.
>  But doesn't mention when to use LocalFileSystem vs DbFileSystem.

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