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From Michael MacFadden <m...@macfadden.org>
Subject Re: Getting an Excerpt form a specific Property
Date Sat, 19 Apr 2008 13:55:01 GMT

Thanks for your input on both issues.  When I try:

  String contentExcerpt = row.getValue("rep:excerpt(Content)");

I do get some data base but it seems to be the entire property not an 
excerpt.  I looked a the code and it seems that if you pass in a 
property name, it runs the property text through a highlighter but not 
the excerpt provider per se.  Si if I have some content that is seven 
paragraphs long, the result is seven paragraphs.  Any ideas?  Thanks

Marcel Reutegger wrote:
> Hi Michael,
> it is indeed possible, but it is a rather hidden feature. even if you 
> select rep:excerpt(.) in your statement, you can still retrieve excerpts 
> from properties on a returned node using:
> Row row = ...
> String contentExcerpt = row.getValue("rep:excerpt(Content)");
> regards
>  marcel
> Michael MacFadden wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Is there a way to get an excerpt of a specific property in a node.  
>> For examle I have a node with the following properties:
>> Title:  Chapter 1
>> Content:  This is Chapter 1.
>> If I use a query like:
>> SELECT rep:excerpt(.) from mynt:node where contains( ., 'chapter' )
>> When i get the excerpt I get and excerpt fragment from the title and 
>> the content.  I want to get excerpts from the content property only.  
>> Is this possible?
>> Thanks.

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