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From Marcel Reutegger <marcel.reuteg...@gmx.net>
Subject Re: Searching Multiple Node Types
Date Fri, 18 Apr 2008 11:36:31 GMT
Hi Michael,

as an alternative you can also restrict the type of a node with an expression on 

select * from nt:base where jcr:primaryType = 'mynt:content'

please note that the above query does not respect the node type hierarchy. that 
is, it is not equivalent to:

select * from mynt:content

that latter will also return nodes with a type that inherits from mynt:content.

using jcr:primaryType you are free to select any number of nodes of a specific type.

e.g. you can write:

select * from nt:base where (jcr:primaryType = 'mynt:content' or jcr:primaryType 
= 'mynt:attachments') and contains('find this') order by jcr:score desc


Michael MacFadden wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a question regarding searching.  In my repository, I have two 
> different node types.  One for regular typed in content and one for 
> attachments.  Each of these node types has a node type definition loaded 
> and they each have different properties.  What I want to do is allow the 
> user to enter a search term and have the content nodes and attachments 
> searched an provide a single list ordered by the results score.  I have 
> the full text (text extractor) search already working and am using the 
> ScoreNodeIterator.
> The issue I have is that since the nodes I am trying to search have two 
> different types it seems like I need two separate queries:
> Content:
> "SELECT * FROM mynt:content WHERE CONTAINS(* , '" + 
> queryString.toLowerCase().trim() + "') order by jcr:score DESC"
> Attachments:
> "SELECT * FROM mynt:attachments WHERE CONTAINS(* , '" + 
> queryString.toLowerCase().trim() + "') order by jcr:score DESC"
> I could execute both of these queries and try to merge the results and 
> then sort them.  The issue is that I also need to page the results, 
> because there could be thousands.  I would either use the skip function 
> in the NodeIterator class or I would use the limit and offset functions 
> in the jackrabbit specific api.  However to really do this I would need 
> to have a single merged result list.  If I don't then I wouldn't know 
> where to page when making the two different queries since I would not 
> know how many results were coming in the other query.  I would 
> essentially have to get all results, merge them, sort them, and then 
> select a subset.
> This seems like the performance would be impacted for large result 
> sets.  Is there a way to query multiple node types, my understanding is 
> that you can only do so if the nodes share some inherited node type, but 
> when you do that you can only search the properties that are in the 
> parent node type.  This wouldn't work either since the child node types 
> have differing properties that need to be searched.  So far the only way 
> I can see to do this would be to merge the definitions of my nodes into 
> one type and then just not use certain properties depending on which 
> type of node I really want.  However this doesn't really seem like a 
> clean approach.
> Any ideas would be welcome.  Thanks.
> ~Mike

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